The Later Start Subcommittee, comprised of parents, community members, staff and administrators of the Newburyport School District, and School Committee members, has spent many hours in meetings exploring options and is making a recommendation to the School Committee for starting classes later in Newburyport.

The Subcommittee has been reviewing the scientific literature supporting the change, looking at the fiscal costs, and exploring the logistics of a later start time. The Subcommittee is recommending a revenue-neutral change that will affect all Newburyport Schools, contingent on resolving some issues that may impact the community. The School Committee voted to move this proposal forward on June 5th, and has authorized the District to resolve any outstanding issues that might impact implementation in the Fall of 2018.

NOTE! This grid shows Full Day K-3 times for the Bresnahan. The Half Day K and Pre-K program times are listed below the grid.

Current Half Day K Times

2018-2019 K Times

Current PreK:

5 Day Full Day: 8:30-3:00
Extended Learning Classrooms 8:30-1:00
4 Day AM Class: 8:30-11:15
4 Day PM Class: 12:15-3:00

2018-2019 PreK

5 Day Full: 9:00-3:30
Extended Learning Classrooms 9:00-1:30
4 Day AM Class: 9:00-11:45
4 Day PM Class 12:45-3:30

THE SURVEY IS CLOSED. If you have questions please contact your school’s principal.